A person's childhood can reveal a great deal about the person they will become. Mine is no exception. My first grade report card described me as thus:

  • 1st Reporting Period: "Brian is a very bright boy and excellent reader. He still talks out with inappropriate comments, but has made some improvement."

  • 2nd Reporting Period: "Brian is an advanced reader and must also do written assignments to check his comprehension. He is doing a good job. I have him read aloud to the class two or three times a week. I think he is making a greater effort to curtail "speaking out" in the last two weeks but still needs reminders."

  • 3rd Reporting Period: "Brian has done very well with reading and writing...however, he still interrupts me continually, and makes frequent inappropriate comments. I hope he can overcome this habit."

I haven't.

Throughout junior high, high school and college, various instructors told me that I had a flare for writing witty, snappy prose, and they hoped I stuck with it.

I have.

Even today as I'm in my 30's, I am an unfiltered, unobstructed avalanche of creativity. I communicate for a living and love helping connect people via written word. As a Content Strategist, I focus on helping people reach their desired audiences with original online and print content that showcases the unique traits and services they bring to the table.

Beyond my "day job", my interests include lawn care, horticulture, comedy and music. Most importantly, every day is another part of my never-ending journey to be the best husband and father I can be to my wife Andrea and my sons Adam & Bradley.


Enough about me.

What are your goals? Who can I help you reach?

If you have something you want to say, I can put the words in your mouth. Contact me at your convenience to discuss how I can craft customized marketing services to suit your needs.