Fun With Band Names

Over the years I've accumulated a list of names that I think would be great for a band, even if only for a local cover band that needs help getting noticed on a flyer. Since the odds of me becoming a rock star at 32 are slim-to-none, I've decided to share these now as a public service. 

Here Goes Nothing (that could actually be one): 

  • (The) Piss Shivers (their music will give you goosebumps)
  • Toothless Tom & The Teabaggers (dedicated to a former Ember's manager)
  • At-Fault Party
  • (The) Pepperoni Bra Sweats
  • (The) Onion Bits (they'll move you to tears)
  • Blueberry Rage Machine
  • Pen15 (those who used to be young boys will understand)
  • I Believe In Butter (inspired by an in-law's butchering of a product name)

Someday I hope to pay a $12 cover at a local bar to watch one of these. Until then, remember to get your pets Spayed and Neutered