Top 10 Best Leftovers

First off: I rarely reheat leftovers, so the majority of this list involves foods taken straight from the fridge and often consumed right out of the takeout container or to-go box.

  1. Cold pizza: The standard by which we judge every other scrap that’s left in our refrigerators.

  2. Cold pasta: There’s something about the way it turns into a big block that simply floats my boat.

  3. Cold Chinese food: The rarest of all leftovers (who doesn’t force down the rest of their Chinese food?).

  4. Cold fried fish: Freshly fried fish fillets have a tendency to flake apart; not so on the morning after.

  5. Cold fried chicken: See “Cold fried fish”.

  6. Cold hot dish: A delight for the lazy upper Midwesterner.

  7. Sub: Another rare one; pick it up and start chomping.

  8. Reheated pasta: Not quite as good as that delightful block you get from the cold stuff, but it’ll do.

  9. Onion rings: Like Funyuns, but more fun.

  10. French fries: Another rare leftover. They are made edible again via cast iron pan at 450 degrees.