Goldilocks & The Caribbean Cruise

If you follow my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you probably figured out that I spent the first part of January on a Caribbean cruise with my family. Needless to say, traveling with a four-year-old and a not-quite-two-year-old presents its fair share of challenges.

The first challenge was getting everyone from our suburban Twin Cities compound to Fort Lauderdale in one piece. We were worried about Bradley — our youngest — as he had never flown before and was still not 100 percent over a viral stomach bug. Bags (and Pedialyte) packed, we pressed forward:


It turned out that we were worried about the wrong child. Bradley did great on the plane with the exception of some atrocious gas. Unfortunately the bumpier-than-usual flight taught us that Adam suffers from motion sickness. Let’s just say that getting a preschooler to keep all the vomit in a narrow air sickness bag is something I was not 100 percent effective at.

After landing, changing clothes, and getting the rental vehicle squared away, we felt that we still had a chance at a fairy tale vacation. Reality was less like a fairy tale and more like Goldilocks and The Three Bears. But, instead of bowls of porridge that were too hot or too cold, elements of our cruise were too young, too short, and too fat.

Too Young

We knew going in that Bradley was too young to attend any of the kids club/play group/daycare offerings on the ship. This was unfortunate as Bradley is in the midst of a very clingy “Momma, Momma, Momma” phase. On the bright side, Bradley loved partaking in the various dining options on the ship and glared at a hostess who made the mistake of picking up a plate that still had food on it.

Too Short

Adam has been described as “tiny”, “little” and “petite”. He’s the type of kid who can eat unlimited amounts of ice cream (stay tuned) and still need his pants taken in. On this cruise his height was the issue. He was about one inch too short to partake in the water slides on the pool deck. A bummer, but we managed to persevere. Access to the aforementioned ice cream between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. certainly helped.


Too Fat

Speaking of water slides, there was a 250 pound weight limit on the adult water slides. I clocked in north of 250 so if you see me walking around with an ice cream cone, please slap it out of my hand.

Just Right

Setting aside the too young, too short and too fat of it, we had a wonderful time on the cruise and created some memories that will hopefully last a lifetime for Adam. You could even say it was like that third bowl of porridge Goldilocks swiped from the three bears: just right.

The image is below is how I choose to remember it: